Aims: This course presents students a wide range of authentic reading materials including reviews, articles from journals, newspaper, magazines and academic texts in order to develop skills to do effective skimming and scanning, reading for full comprehensions, to use contextual clues to guess and infer meaning of the words, comprehend contrasting viewpoints as well as  to predict and identify main ideas and to decode clues.

This is an integrated language course which incorporate four skills of language learning with emphasis on the micro-skills of reading like predicting, skimming, scanning, cohesion, inferring meaning, understanding writer's style and purpose of writing, finding topic and topic sentence,and summarizing. 

Learning Outcomes: After successful completion of the course students are expected to understand author's style and purpose of writing through the demonstration of critical thinking skills and to be able to figure out the main idea and summary accurately.

Text & Handouts: Students have to buy a text book while other supplementary handouts will be provided by the instructor.